Meet Our Team


Although Michel isn't an employee of Jewel Tunnel Int'l, his knowledge, expertise and friendship are so important to us. He is known as "The Tornado"  because when he comes to town everything changes at La Fuente - his energy is huge! Every chance he gets, one can find him digging for his famous Fluorites from Filon Jaune, Valzergues, France. He truly deserves this honorary position on our team page!

My name is Mikayla, I have worked with JTI for 2 years. I'm part of the administration team and assist with the organizational side of the business.

My name is Alfredo Petrov, geologist and mineral collector. My friends joke that I'm a specialist in rare ugly microscopic minerals, but I think minerals are like children... the ugly ones need love too. My involvement with Jewel Tunnel dates back almost 30 years, to 1993 when I met our founder, Rock Currier, in Bolivia. We quickly became good friends and over the following years enjoyed numerous long road trips together, both in the USA, and in rock hunting adventures in South America. I also helped Jewel Tunnel every year at some of the larger mineral shows, like Tucson and Denver, and Rock helped me find customers for my microscopic ugly rarities. It was a mutually beneficial association and lots of fun. But it was only after Rock sadly passed away in 2015 that I began working for Jewel Tunnel full time. I take care of cleaning and pricing the more unusual minerals, spend lots of time with the microscope checking mineral identifications, or hunting for overlooked rare species, and checking for unwanted “enhancements” to protect our customers from fakery. I do some purchasing of minerals from suppliers in Europe, Latin America, Japan and China; answer mineralogy questions from our customers and help teach mineralogy to other Jewel Tunnel staff, wash dishes, consume any leftover coffee, grumble about dust, and other such essential tasks. This old 1997 photo shows me with our founder Rock, in front of the office of the El Desierto sulphur mine, with the mine owner and one of the miners, and Jewel Tunnel still gets crystallized sulphur from this very remote locality, in case you need sulphur.

I’m Lisa. I have two children.  My daughter is 16 and a senior in high school.  My son is 12 years old and a 7th grader. We love camping and fishing. I have been with the company 10 months. I am a lead social media associate. I am in control of all social media platforms and sales. 

My name is Pablo. I have a son that is 14 and a freshman in high school. We love camping and fishing. I have been with the company for about 8 months. I process all of our materials on your behalf. I help get all the products priced and on the floor and ready for purchase.

Hi everyone! My name is Hailey and I have been with Jewel Tunnel Int'l for about 6 months. My duties include running our website, Instagram, FaceBook and Tik Tok . I enjoy things like art, exploring new places and traveling.

My name is Guenther Neumeier. I joined the Rock Currier Collection team in 2020 after a long career as author, editor and publisher on a variety of mineralogical and gemological subjects published in several languages and countries, and a brief stint as an earth science professor at the University of Munich, Germany. I am currently one of the consulting editors of Rocks & Minerals, the oldest mineral magazine not only in the US but worldwide.
My background in geology and mineralogy, my curiosity and the variety of jobs that I tackled, made me into the jack of all trades that I am.
My name is Abby Dimalanta. I'm a mineral collector with a science and art background.  I collected "rocks" when I was a kid but set it aside for about two decades. I got interested in collecting minerals again in 2018 as a way to cope with chronic illness. In early 2019, I joined the Young Mineral Collectors group on Facebook and attended my first gem and mineral show in Kansas City, Missouri. In late 2019, I began field collecting and traveling to more shows. By February 2020, I had my first solo display at TGMS with the YMC cases. I began working remotely for the Rock H. Currier Collection in October 2020 and I moved to Tucson in 2021. Now you can find me streaming on the Rock H. Currier Collection Instagram, @Crystals.Not.Pistols. I also help the team with sourcing and prepping minerals, working gem and mineral shows, and being the shortest employee in the building.